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1st to 12th December 2021

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Welcome to Web3 Hacks!

Web3 Hacks is an event organized by Open Source Developer Group (OSDG), IIIT Hyderabad, in partnership with Questbook. The hackathon is spread over 4 weeks, with participation from students from various colleges across the globe.

Participants learn different Web3 concepts, get mentorship from industry experts, get an opportunity to network with some of the brightest crypto aspirants and will get an opportunity to build the next Aave or Axie Infinity or Topshots or DogeCoin 😜 !

We have an amazing learning community with with hundereds of enthusiatic developers, all eager to learn the latest Blockchain technologies over on our Discord Server. It would be amazing to have you there too!

Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!

Prizes worth USD 6,000 to be won!!! 🤑

All the shortlisted project teams will get mentorship from Questbook team and industry experts. 5 select teams will be part of a cohort that will undergo 20hr rigorous project development training by one of the industry renowned crypto architects.

The Timeline

27th Nov

Registration Ends

04th Dec

Forming Teams

10th Dec

Submission Deadline

11th Dec

Pitching to Judges

12th Dec

Winner Announcement

Event Format

# Learning Web3 Basics

Learn from resources provided on Questbook.app. Participate in daily live sessions and community conversations on the quests on the Discord server.

# Practice problems

Time to hone your skills by practicing a few coding problems and sample projects.

# Ideate & Execute

Form your team(ideally 3-6 member team), ideate your project, get mentorship from the Questbook team & coaches, discuss with the community and start building your prototype. A member of the Questbook team will be available for Office Hours everyday, from 6PM to 1AM, to help clarify any doubts.

# Presentation

Submit your demo and presentation by 12th Dec. 10 Shortlisted projects will be given 30 mins each to present and answer judges questions.

# Aftermath

Hackathon ends on 12th Dec but the learning on Questbook never will. Motivated learners can continue their projects, get mentors, community support and if progressing significantly, even some funding from the investors!

Frequently Asked questions

? How do I register?

Use the below link to register for the hackathon: Registration Form

? Is there any registration fee?

Learning is free on Questbook and so is the participation fee for the Hackathon. All we expect from the participants is the hunger and enthusiam to learn web3 technologies and this Hackathon will show you myriads of such opportunities.

? Who can participate in this event?

Any student from any college or university across the globe can participate. We are also inviting a few beginner level learners from Questbook partnered Blockchain clubs to participate.

? Is this a team event or individual event?

Each participant has to register individually on the link provided above. However, during the last week of -’Ideate and execute’, learners will collaborate and form teams to participate in the hackathon.
So, this is a great opportunity to interact with brilliant crypto enthusiasts across the globe!

? What should be the team size and restrictions?

The hackathon can be anywhere between 2-6 team members. Each team will also have to nominate a team leader. Any exception to this has to be approved by Hackathon organizers.

? How will the teams be shortlisted for Round 2?

Top 10 teams that clearly present their idea, unique proposition, technical complexity and submit a working MVP will be invited to present their projects and the Team leader is given 15 mins to present the project and 15 mins to take questions from the judges.

? What is expected as a Hackathon submission?

The following is expecte from a submission:
a. A basic working prototype code
b. A slideshow presentation with upto 6 slides showcasing the idea, unique elements of the project, technology and the use cases
Both these are mandatory and the submission will be considered invalid if it misses either of the two. All submissions should follow the following code of conduct.

? Do you have any restrictions on the programming language?

Most of the quests that participants learn will be in Solidity. However, the participants are free to choose their programming language of choice.

? What prerequisite programming skills are required to participate?

You should definitely have some exposure to programming and having earlier exposure to Javascript will greatly help your learning curve. Even if you don’t have any programming skills, we encourage you to participate. This is not all about winning. You will get amazing learning experience and importantly be exposed to a vibrant crypto community that is extremely collaborative.

? I have some more questions. Who can answer those questions?

Reachout to hackathon@questbook.app for any questions related to the hackathon registration or format questions. You can even pose the questions to the Discord community and one of our team members will address your questions.